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Based in the Kentish countryside, England, I have enjoyed the influence of natural beauty all of my life. I have also been lucky to have travelled around the world exploring amazing landscapes and cultures. I'm fascinated with a wide range of natural patterns, textures and forms.

My love of nature and natural processes drive my passions Each new sculpture work promotes excitement and fires my imagination and I enjoy the fresh interest of utilising a variety of media to reflect and capture observations that our world evokes. in my work and life. One of my great elemental loves is water, especially the ocean. I enjoy going to sea and also just being near a river or lake. I live in a very small and pretty village with a vibrant community which is very rural and peaceful. I consider myself very lucky to live and work where I have grown up and my family has been for many years. Sustainable and efficient living is so important, shopping locally and growing my own fruit and vegetables as much as I can.

I work outside a great deal, I try to work using natural daylight, and work with the weather as much as possible. During the summer that almost means no artificial lighting at all, good for the electricity bill too! A lot of my work is done using hand tools, such as pliers, chisels and mallets.

I enjoy the seasons where I live and work, watching the landscape change with the differing elements they bring, gives new interest and beauty to what I observe.