William Jordan Sculpture

The Mermaid

The Mermaid rests on her specially created island and stands just over 9 metres tall with her tail spanning 14 metres.

Created using almost entirely recycled materials such as old copper hot water tanks, galvanised wire and stainless steel to form both the frame work and finished form. Reclaimed materials were used to form the Island too, a broken up factory floor, crushed concrete boulders and disused natural stone were all collected on site and utilised.

She is resting above the massive underwater structure which now forms a freshwater "reef" style refuge for aquatic life. Above water, the island which was already being colonised as the finishing touches were completed, was planted to further encourage wildlife. She is the first piece of the Dartford Bridge Sculpture Trail, I am creating 12 pieces of art for the new development located near the Thames river crossing.

The very first practical work started on her in October 2009 and she was finally completed and unveiled two years later in October 2011. Representing and reflecting the ethos of the Development and existing area past and present she is an iconic guardian of the lake.