William Jordan Sculpture

Mixed Media

Miscellaneous Materials

Creation using a variety of modelling and casting with resins, plastics and combining metal and stone to form interesting collaborations in media properties.

Often I like to use a theme or work with a particular influence then try to reflect it in the media I use to create the piece. Mixes of materials add their own harmony or even contrast and add extra interest and surprise to a piece of work.

I love the "happy accidents" that I discover when working with some media, they can spur a whole idea.


Choosing wood to suit the location for inside or outside installations. The naturally occurring textures and patterns are so rewarding and often drive patterns and designs as I carve or create a piece.

Exposing the grain and shape as I carve is a privileged experience, working to uncover where no one has ever seen before.

The rich organic nature of wood provides opportunities which synthetic materials cannot compete with.

Client Testimonials

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"Willus is a tirelessly dedicated, complete legend in the sculpture world and a great friend. Since I' ve know Willus he has been instrumental in creating a mind boggling host of sculptures for The World Garden. I mean who else in the world can create a glass and copper Pineapple, construct a Baobab using 51 KM of wire, build an explosive bubbling volcano and dazzle visitors with a Mexican Sunset in the cactus house. Willus your beyond legendary"
Tom Hart-Dyke, Lullingstone Castle

BMW - Pineham - Northhampton

"Will has created an artwork that is in keeping with the modern building and the contemporary nature of the BMW Group's business. More specifically, the shape echoes the curving roof to the new building, while at the same time recalling the hub cap of a BMW vehicle and the shape of the BMW badge. The sculpture's circular shape also suggests the holistic nature of sustainability."
Simon Cox, First Vice President, Prologis

The Bridge - Dartford

"We are delighted that the Sculpture Trail is starting to take shape and that Will is able to use so much re-cycled material in his sculptures. Sustainability is one of the driving principles behind The Bridge, so it is impressive to see such a creative approach to sustainable public art."
Paul Weston, Senior Vice President, Prologis UK

"The Sculpture Trail is creating a new amenity for Dartford and it demonstrates that art can be both accessible and fun. The Mermaid is a fabulous sculpture and I am sure that it will become a landmark for Dartford."
Jeremy Kite, Leader, Dartford Borough Council